Saturday, September 18, 2010


Usually I send my articles to any interior tabloids in Indonesia. But thanks to a friend of mine, an editor in chief of a women magz ask one of my article to be on her magz. This is a huge opportunity for me personally that I've waited for so long. I guess I was a lil bit jealous with some interior bloggers out there who has experience in print media.
So for this last whole week I've been busy try to edit my article so it will be fitted with the style of her magazine. It's kind hard to cut off some parts of my writing. Cause I think I always write with significant details.
But I am excited too. I am trying to find some locations for photo shoot in order to complete my article.
Hopefully if this one succeed, I will be hired as a contributor. Can't wait to get my pages in that magazine.

Wish me luck... ;-)

PS: next week I will post an interesting post of Indonesian heritage for your decoration.

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