Friday, December 31, 2010


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My prayers for you and your life..

Is that you LEAVE all pain, drama, dysfunction, in 2010!

So you can celebrate a Happy NEW YOU YEAR!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Finally one of my short stories will be published in anthology #Writers4Indonesia series, the 8th edition titled 'Be Strong Indonesia'. The #Writers4Indonesia has 19 series. Not only in the series, my writing is listed on no. 8 in the book too. According to chinese philosophy 8 is lucky number, it means continuity, longetivity, no beginning and no end. Hopefully it will be true as I really expect it becomes a bestseller book.
All series in Bahasa Indonesia.
  1. 'The Boy In My Dream’, by Budiharja Kusuma
  2. ‘Dari Awal’, by Galuh Tunggadewi
  3. 'Empat Anak Perempuan’, by Nunik Utami
  4. ‘Menjemput Pelangi’, by Ollie
  5. ‘Terima Kasih’, by prito windiarto
  6. ‘Langit Membara’, by Aca Taswari
  7. ‘Versus Bah’, by Thiea Arantxa
  8. Mencari Vicky’, by T. Malachi
  9. ‘Tentang Yang Tiga’, by Krismila M
  10. ‘Dia dan Dia’, by Annisa F. Viramisyah
  11. ‘Pulang’, by Victor Hasiholan
  12. ‘Topeng Malaikat’, by Fauzi Atma
  13. ‘Keluarga untuk Lina’, by Priscilla Aisha
  14. ‘Tiga Puluh Menit’, by Dewi Nurhasanah
  15. ‘Kehidupan Kedua’, by Andy Saputra
  16. ‘Akhir Pelarian, by Hanny Herman
  17. ‘Biar Menjadi Kenangan’, by Ideani (Indri iIdriani)
  18. ‘Under The Bayan Tree’, by: Alexander Bonaparte Cruz
#Writers4Indonesia is a fund charity event held by, the first print-on-demand publisher in Indonesia or according to them the first online self-publishing in Indonesia, in helping the victims of natural disasters exp in Merapi, Wasior and Mentawai. All the writer's royalty go to this charity. The more series you buy, the more funds to help all the victims.

Don't hesitate to send email to to order this #writers4indonesia series. And fill this list

Subject: ‘Order Buku’,
Phone no.:
Title #seriesnumber (book #xx):
Number of order:

The #writers4indonesia will reply your emails immediately and inform hot to pay your order.

Consideration is greatly appreciated.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Back in 2008 I was interviewed by one of leading newspaper in Indonesia, Koran Seputar Indonesia aka Koran Sindo. Accidentally I find my name in an article on java bali info that based on the article in Koran Sindo.

China CULTURE inherited the wealth that overflowed as far as all the worlds. Architecture and the design of his interior then joined in secular. The style of this design could be then adopted into the dwelling in Indonesia.

Culture from the China plain left the tracks that up to now still could be encountered in any part of the world.The tradition that was held strong by the china nation put forward something that was typical and unique.The ancestors’s culture that always was awakened could be seen with still the number of typical buildings Oriental in China.

Typical architecture Oriental, that came from the China plain, basically was traditional architecture ornament or got dressed up. For example like the decoration to the wall, the door, and the window that were based on the myth and the china nation belief.

The available ornament was varied, from the geometric ornament, the motive of the crop, to the animal. If from the aspect of the design” of the interior design , the Oriental style was marked by the material use” of “wood, paper and the dominant color of the wall layer red, old chocolate or gold,” obviously the designer of the interior of Timothy Iddo Malachi that was close was greeted by Timmy.

The style in the typical interior Oriental usually have the shape of motif like the dragon and the lion.The lotus flower then often was used as the motive motif or the painting.

Then, remembered the China nation conserved his culture strongly anywhere they were, typical architecture Oriental also apparently in Indonesia from certain elements.
For example, the typical China roof, striking colors like red, blue, and yellow, or the use of the dragon statue as the shape of the belief still was emerging in the community’s Indonesian house the descendants.

“Despite in the merging of two different architectures (the Indonesian blend and China), usually the character china architecture that was full of the color and the decoration to decreased, in fact most or the whole were lost. The similar opinion came from Timmy.
“His processing in the design” of the “interior, for example only in the application” of the “use” of the “color, interior accessories, furniture, and the panel divider.”
For example, neutral colors mixed with the color- red was to one area of the wall as the accent.Or the red color to the sarong

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Citraland Mall in Jakarta always come with fresh, imaginative dan creative idea of Christmas tree. I remember couple years ago they arranged lots of Garfield dolls form a giant Christmas tree. This year they got help by their visitors who trade waste bottles for a shopping vouchers.
It took 29,000 waste bottles to built the tree.


One of numerous malls in Jakarta, FX, have built a Christmas tree made of popcorn.
It's quite impressive how they taking risk with the vulnerable pop corn.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Wishing You A Fabulous Christmas....

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Pacific Place Jakarta in celebrating Christmas is holding an event called 'Trees of Christmas'.
Feel free to vote in their facebook page.

Lamborghini Christmas Tree in Black
Alvin Tjitrowirjo -
psst my vote go for this one

Paperlicious Christmas
Surya Palace Jaya
my heart fall for this one

ViVeRe Gift Tree

Charles & Keith Christmas Tree

Microsoft Hardware Christmas Tree
this one is also my fave one

Potatohead Christmas Tree
count this in

Coca Cola Christmas
this one too

Manulife Christmas Tree

Eka Karya Christmas Tree

Review of 2010

This year for me personally is really hard. It's the first hardest time since 2005/2006 when I was got through hard obsticles in my furniture business. But one thing for sure this blog is becoming my consolation. I started this blog half and a year ago on May 2009. And after not that so long but silent journey, this blog is getting more views and visitors. And it's getting numerous visitors in only a year compared to my previous blog which needed three years to get the same number. Tough it's still in the range of tens to a hundred, hopefully in the future it's getting better, increasing the number of views and visitors.

Last but not least I would like to thank to you all the visitors who have visited this blog. It's been a great journey throughout all the obsticles I had to deal. Thank you so much.

Here are the top 5 posts in my blog

The top 5 keywords:
  1. tabloid rumah -45
  2. design ruko - 6
  3. leonard theosabrata - 5
  4. alvin tjitrowirjo - 4
  5. design interior rumah -4

The top 5 pageview countries:
  1. Indonesia - 8,161
  2. United States -1,402
  3. Canada - 661
  4. Malaysia - 216
  5. Great Britain - 166

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Richard Sweeney for La Rinascente

Richard Sweeney for La Rinascente

Neiman Marcus

Simon Doonan for Barney's



Bergdorf Goodman Scenic Route


Harrod's Peter Pan

Bergdorf Goodman Full Speed Ahead

Bergdorf Goodman Day Tripping

Bergdorf Goodman

Selfridges window @ Oxford street, Ken & Barbie
Harrod's Peter Pan, Capt. Hook

Harrod's Peter Pan

Andy Singleton for Oriel Mostyn Gallery

Harrod's Peter Pan

Harrod's Peter Pan

Paul Prooks for Marks and Spencer

Paul Prooks for Marks and Spencer


Harrod's Peter Pan

Andy Singleton for Oriel Mostyn Gallery

What I love about window display design is the freedom interpretation of Christmas theme. It's not always literally old traditional themes with red and green. I really love these window displays of Harrods, Selfridges, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, La Rinascente, Barney's, Oriel Mostyn Gallery. It's a mixed of imaginative, creative, surreal of fashion and art.

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