Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Because my father had a stroke attack and followed by I was caught with dengue fever, I have to off for a while. Hopefully things will be better in a speed.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Global ethnic ideas with theatrical presentation brought Denny Wirawan stand out among others.


PS: Pardon me for blurring pics... some things happened accidentally...

Thursday, November 11, 2010


MAHA is designed exclusively by Yuni Jie, a celebrated interior & furniture designer in Jakarta, for Vivere home.

MAHA living collection balances good looks with the demands of everyday lives.
With its rich texture, Maha living collection brings warm, calm, and inviting feel to a space.
With its full range, Maha living collection brings multi functionality and delight to a living space.

"MAHA collection introduces a new elegance in which comfort is the main element." - Yuni Jie

MAHA dinign collection engages people, food and space in a perfect conversation. With function as priority, MAHA dining collection serves practicality with ease and grace. Clean line of furniture combined with understated color scheme gives MAHA dining collection an elegant and sophisticated look.

MAHA bedroom collection embraces you with an inspirational sense of relaxation. With the use of warm materials, MAHA bedroom collection brings the irresistible luxury of utter simplicity.

"MAHA collection expresses the enjoyment of a life well lived." - Yuni Jie

'MAHA collection reveals the softer side of modern living.' - Yuni Jie

MAHA is a luxurious range of exclusive dining room, bedroom and living room sets. The collection is a fresh approach for urban contemporary design. The look is very much international without forgetting organic design line adapted from local culture. Manufactured with imported white ash combined with top quality antique brass, MAHA collection is thus strong in its details. From richly textured furniture to beautifully made accent pieces, this assortment transforms your living space into a comfortable and elegant home. With its modern inspiration, MAHA Collection gives a whole new meaning to the word elegance.


pictures courtesy of examiner, aman resort, yahoo

Eat Pray Love has inspired me to brought you how to design your home in Bali style. Taken from beautiful resorts in Bali, Aman Resort.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Finally my short stories anthology that I had sent a few weeks ago have been received by the publisher. And I receive the notification email in my junk folder. Geesh that was really a lucky coinccident that I found it in my junk. Hopefully this good news will bring me another good news in the next 3 months. This will be a sweetest revenge. And I have an idea about who I'm going to ask to design the illustration for my first book's cover.

Dengan hormat,
Naskah Anda berupa kumpulan cerpen dengan judul REUNI , telah kami terima dengan baik.
Tim Penerbit kami akan mempertimbangkan kemungkinan penerbitannya selama 2-3 bulan dari tanggal terima penerimaannya.
Kami mengucapkan terima kasih atas perhatian Dan tawaran kerja sama yang Anda berikan.

Wish me luck...

By the way, talking about illustration, about two weeks ago I found an article of old news paper about fashion illustration from last century - lolz I mean last decade -. And it inspired me to do research and write about Indonesian fashion illustrator.

I hope this week I will publish my article about one of top Indonesian designers, Yuni Jie.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Kopi Luwak or Luwak coffe is now recognized as the most expensive coffe in the world. So here I'm proud to present you, one of Indonesian heritage Luwak coffe, 'I'm Luwak & Proud'.

I’m Luwak & Proud is a Luwak coffee products with good quality processed directly by the farmers in Liwa, West Lampung, Sumatra.

In the spirit of "Coffee for the Masses" Our mission is to re-introduce one of Indonesian best coffee, Kopi Luwak for everyone, from teenagers to the workers, from a true fan of coffee until the afternoon coffee cream lovers, from rock musicians and fans of Tom Waits, from art dealer to the street graffiti artist.

With attractive packaging, I'm Luwak & Pr
oud provides two main products. Ground Coffee and Roasted Beans.
I'm Luwak & Proud also provide special orders such as Raw Beans and Green Beans in bulk.

For order feel free to visit I'm Luwak & Proud

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Leonard Theosabrata is now recognized as one of Asia’s top product and interior designers, the only Indonesian to be included in the hefty 2006 German publication Young Asian Designers.
His designs have won him several prestigious international awards, including Germany’s red dot design award in 2003 and Italy’s Well Tech Award in 2006, and his work went on display at the Science and Technology Museum during the 2006 Milan Fair.
For his achievements in design, he was chosen as one of five young Asians to be the face of Deutsche Welle’s new channel, DW-TV Asia+.

His father, Yos Theosabrata, encouraged him to move into product design and “I thought ‘Why not’.”
A search turned up the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, but without a product design portfolio, he could not enroll into a product design major.
“I only had a graphic design portfolio at that time, so I enrolled in night school for six months preparing my product portfolio.” The night school was provided by the college. “Apparently there are a lot of people like me who have an interest but not necessarily have a portfolio to show.”
After finishing the three projects necessary to meet the entrance requirements, Leonard was accepted in 1999.
He studied product design for three and a half years, during which time he won several competitions at the school including a team project doing the interior design for an Airbus 383, sponsored by Singapore Airlines. He also had the opportunity to do an internship at Japanese toy manufacturer Bandai in Tokyo.
He was close to getting an offer from Apple but, being an “entrepreneur type” and unwilling to work for other people, “I thought that going back and starting on my own would be much more valuable.”

He returned to Indonesia in 2002.
Soon afterward, he started his own brand of furniture, Accupunto, making chairs – lounges, dining chairs, benches and stackable chairs – based on the principles of acupuncture. The pieces are characterized by a simple form that can fit any room. For Leonard, it was an idea already tried and tested: “I used it for my final project at university.”
Leonard says his designs are greatly influenced by the Bauhaus movement in Germany from the 1920s to early 1930s, one of the most important design movements of the 20th century which influenced subsequent developments in art, architecture and design.
“One of the principles of the Bauhaus movement is that ‘form follows function’,” he says. “It simplified radical forms, emphasized rationality and functionality, and initiated the idea of mass production.”
The experience of creating his own brand took him to Europe, which he calls the center of interior design and product design.
“Even though I studied design in the US, I always wanted to go to Europe. Finally, I was able to live my dream of taking part in European shows and being alongside the brands that I admired.”
During Accupunto’s second year, Leonard took part in one of Europe’s biggest design shows, the International Meuble Messe in Cologne. There, his design won the red dot award, whose recipients regularly include established brands such as Nikon, Sony, Ferrari, BMW and Porsche.
Leonard became the second Asian, and only Indonesian, to win the award, defeating nearly 1,500 entrants from 28 countries. Winning was, he said, “a huge honor” because the award is “becoming a symbol of excellence in design everywhere”.
The Accupunto Arm Chair won several other awards such as the Interior Innovation Award 2004 from the German Design Council, G-mark from Japan and the 2003 Indonesia Good Design Award.

At the beginning, his father, Yos Theosabrata, wanted to make just a comfy and ergonomic chair that really supports body posture. But Leonard take the design to another level as he was inspired by ancient chinesse health method, accupressure. He choosed metal as the chair’s structure and combined it with plastic knobs and elastic metal spring. The Accupuncto chair really delivers combination benefit of accpresure and comfortable element of seating posture. The conventional cushion support structure is replaced by a unique flexible structure that moves when you do. The open space between the pins offers air circulation and the pins, the accupressure. Per the website, the chairs are suitable for use indoors or outdoors.

Leonard has since expanded into interior design and counts international companies among his clients. He and some colleagues have also set up D5, an interior and architecture design consultancy.
“As a designer, I like a design to be functional, simple but with added value,” Leonard says.
Influenced as he is by the Bauhaus movement, aesthetics are not his top priority.
“A good product should prove itself. If it sells, it means the design works.”

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Welcoming Jakarta Fashion Week 2010/2011, Styling Modernity

Jakarta - On the 6th – 12th November 2010, the Femina Group will again hold the most important fashion event in the region, the Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) 10/11. It will again take place in the luxurious Pacific Place Mall in Jakarta.

Styling Modernity is the theme of JFW 10/11. By this, the organizer expects that all the collections presented in the event, whether they are Moslem wear, ethnic or contemporary fashion will be presented in a modern style, providing the ultimate direction for fashionistas as well as the general public. “This theme is chosen because we aim to make the Jakarta Fashion Week as a hub that facilitates a dialogue between various streams in fashion, including the heritage in fashion and textile traditions and also all the modern elements of the industry,” explains Baslir Djamal, Chair of the Organizing Committee of JFW 10/11.

JFW 10/11 is fully supported by Sunsilk Co-Creations, Bank BNI, Pacific Place mall, The Municipal Government of Jakarta and The Indonesian Fashion Designers Association (APPMI) and The Indonesian Fashion Designers Council (IPMI).

Highlights include the retrospective show of leading ready-to-wear designer Ghea Panggabean, who is celebrating her 30 year career in fashion. Another key program is the Oscar Lawatta’s show. Oscar is the winner of International Young Creative Entrepreneur (IYCE) 2009 which is organized by British Council. The award was granted to appreciate Oscar’s effort in modernizing and popularizing East Nusa Tenggara woven cloths. Oscar will present a special collection in collaboration with a leading British textile designer to modernize the textile of the province and turn them into a modern collection.

JFW 10/11 is also proud to present the final announcement of the Accessories Designers Awards (LPA) 2010, a bi-annual event which is also organized by Femina Group. JFW 10/11 is also excited to demonstrate Cita Tenun Indonesia fashion show and the parade of the alumni of The Young Fashion Designers Competition (LPM), including Carmanita, Chossy Latu, Itang Yunasz, Billy Tjong, Andreas Odang, Eny Ming. Albert Yanuar, Imelda Kartini, Zacky Gaficky, Hian Tjen, Kursien Karzai, Bethania Agustha, Yunita Kosasih and Danny Satriadi.

“Jakarta Fashion Week 2009 has given a positive effect to my career. I am now engaging with many requests from clients and photo shoots in various media. In my opinion, JFW is right place to show my seriousness in the fashion industry. I really do hope JFW will continuously improve to be a better fashion event in the upcoming years. Thus, this event will be able to show Indonesian designers to a greater world,” says Andreas Odang, a young designer and one of the LPM 2005 finalists who will perform his collections for the second time in JFW.

See you in Jakarta Fashion Week 10/11, Styling Modernity!

For more information, please contact:
Dalyanta Sembiring / Zunainah
Gedung Femina
Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Kav. B 32-33 Jakarta 12910
Tel. +6221 526 6666, 520 9370, 525 3816 ext. 4151 / 3062
Fax. +6221 526 2131, 520 9366
email: dalyanta.sembiring@feminagroup.com / zunainah.zunainah@feminagroup.com

For business information, please contact:
Erlinda Gutami, Asni Agus, Sagita Utama, Sushanty
Tel : 526 6666, 520 9370, 525 3816 ext.3285, 3277, 4272, 3461
Fax : 5292 0120, 5292 0124. Email : iklan@feminagroup.com
About Jakarta Fashion Week:

Jakarta Fashion Week 10/11 is the definitive fashion week event in Indonesia, which provides Indonesia’s fashion directions and highlights the talents and creativity of Indonesia’s fashion industry. JFW 10/11 is organized by Azura Activation, an affiliate of the Femina Group. For further information: www.jakartafashionweek.co.id, or social media www.facebook.com/jakartafashionweek and join www.twitter.com/JKTfashion

About Femina Group

Femina Group is a lifestyle and modern women media company in Indonesia, which houses a multitude of publications and media channels such as Femina, Gadis Ayahbunda, Pesona, Parenting, Readers Digest Indonesia, Cita Cinta, CLEO, Men's Health Indonesia, Dewi, Estetica, Fit, 94.7 UFM Jakarta & Bandung dan Azura Activation.As one of the largest and most established media groups, Femina Group is a vital catalyst in the advancement and promotion of Indonesian Fashion since 1971. Since the beginning, Femina Group has vowed to always remain at the forefront of Indonesian Fashion by continuing to push the envelope whether it is in the form of magazine editorials or the development of emerging talents through various competitive events such as JFW and the Accessories Designers Awards (LPA). For more information, please visit www.feminagroup.com