Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ordering A Custom Cake

What you think you're paying for is only a cake.

But what you are actually paying for:
1. A Cake
2. Someone to design your cake
3. Someone to buy the supplies for your cake
4. Classes learning special techniques for your cake
5. Hours, Days, Month, Years of practice, practice, practice for your cake
6. The expensive tools required to create your high end cake
7. The utilities including, water, gas, & electricity to make your cake
8. Liability insurance
9. The hours actually spent decorating your cake
10. Gas plus wear and tear on vehicle for shopping and deliveries
11. Someone with the skill & artistry to pull off the cake of your dreams.
12. Self employment taxes
13. And a little leftover to actually go towards suporting a family

Does it still seem fair to expect a baker to work in exchange for "exposure", or to try to haggle down the quoted price?

Do you haggle with your doctor, hairdresser, electrician, dog groomer, or local restaurant?

Custom cakes are a labor of love.
But love doesnt pay the bills.
Please show some respect.

We dont ask you to work for less, please dont ask us to work for less.

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