Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Malachi Living

Firstly I'd like to tell that previously our company was known with different name. Suddenly it became to late to know that other company on other part of the world had patented those name under the same field, design.

So let me introduce you to our new name Malachi Living. We provide various of services, from interior to furniture design. From kitchen to walk in closet. We also provide personal shopping for home accessories. And last but not least interior writing for printed media.

Awalnya saya sudah dikenal dengan nama yang berbeda. Tapi sepertinya nama tersebut telah lebih dulu digunakan oleh perusahaan lain di belahan bumi yang berbeda. Karena itu saya memulai dengan nama baru Malachi Living, sebuah layanan interior design, customade furniture design, personal shopping for home accesories, serta interior writing.

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