Monday, July 20, 2009

HOW TO ACCESSORIZED YOUR INTERIOR...... Projecting Your Image to Your Interior

I used to get bored reading interior blogs or articles which were so serious. I want something more playfull. That's why I write this guidance. Don't take it too seriously, as I mean it as allusions. Some people tend to be exaggerated to show that they really mean something to whole world. But if you take this guidance seriously, you'll find out that this guidance is also really usefull if you really have passion on those things exp movies, music. You can apply this guidance to your own room, home, apartment or office -just in case you have good position that have right to decor it yourself'.

  1. If you really want to project your image as a conservative, republican, religious people, you should decorate your interior with posters with religious themes such as Holy Mary, not to forget Jesus in Last Supper.
  2. If you want your guests get the right image of yours as an educated people, put your National Geographic magz, common health books on your coffetable as if they are coffetable books.
  3. If you want to stand your positions as a socialite, frame your pictures with famous and rich people like celebs and then hang them on your walls. Or you can put them on top your desk.
  4. If you need people to consider you as an art expert, put some famous painters' posters, which is much friendlier to your pocket than the real ones, and hang them on the walls. Maybe you can put some art books on your coffetable too.
  5. If you really crave for an image as an music expert, put a baby piano, tough you can't play it, on your living room, hang your guitar you get by bidding on e-bay on the wall. Put some biography books of famous musicians on your coffetable alongside with your collectible CD's such as Ray Charles, Billie Holiday even tough youre not really into their music.
  6. I will put one more guidance as bonus. If you need people to know you as a hardcore moviegoers, hang some movies posters on your wall. Put some movies script book on your coffetable and you'll get intant result

That is just my opinion.

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