Monday, July 20, 2009

"Noo...just give me one big closet...." - Satu Lemari untuk Sepatu Takkan Pernah Cukup

""No... Just give me one big closet.."
That's the word of Carrie Bradshaw's quote in the movie Sex and the City.
A Indonesian hat maker once asked why women could pay much more for shoes than for the hat? Women did not hesitate to spend more money for shoes. Why is it so?
Well let me explain why.
Hats are used for parts of the body above, the head including the face. Head always get more attention than the rest parts of the body especially what we called feet. During we speak certainly we look at the head instead of the feett. During sleep, our heads always have a pillow to support while the legs do not get the foot pads. Both functions of the foot and head equally important. Legs without a head cannot move to the direction where it was originally addressed. But the head with no legs cannot reach the same destination. Head always be praised because there is the hair, the crown. Though the feet also likely to support the whole body. But often foot instead received less attention.
Head refers to the mind. Foot pointed to the journey of life.

Head shampooed every day, got treatment, facials, toothbrushes. While foot care mostly only get washed every day. The best a foot can get is a rarely pedicure or reflexology treatment. The bottom line head treatment far more numerous and intense than foot care. Often the foot is not getting more attention than the head.

So naturally if someone is spending more for shoes than the cap. 

Shoes refers to the attainment of life's journey, a process that has endured throughout life. The price is certainly expensive. Because life is precious. Feet feasible to get an expensive shoe

According to Valerie Steel in her Shoes Lexicon of Style, there is little of Imelda Marcos in many women. Research shows that average American women have at least 12 pairs of shoes, two times more than average American men have.
Shoes for women is a sex symbol, the symbol of supremacy and position of power or domination over men's passions of her leg.

Why do women love to wear high heels?
Wearing high heels makes the body of a woman's anatomy changed. What held high heel due to automatic upper body of a woman will adjust to balance the body. That means the calves will look more levels, more and tighten your buttocks, shoulders pulled back so that breasts make women's breasts will look even bigger.
And voila a woman look more sexy after wearing high heels. Become more sexy to give power to a woman to control men.
So do not wonder about women's need are not featured in the dictionary about a shoe. Shoes are a reflection of life's journey, step from a woman.
If according to figures Rebecca Bloomwood fictional character Sophie Kinsella's work, fashion shoes is an investment, investment that will boost performance image.
Below are some designs I've ever shoe closet design. See how small the room is I have to be able to accommodate as many as possible of my clients' shoes.


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