Thursday, November 11, 2010


MAHA is designed exclusively by Yuni Jie, a celebrated interior & furniture designer in Jakarta, for Vivere home.

MAHA living collection balances good looks with the demands of everyday lives.
With its rich texture, Maha living collection brings warm, calm, and inviting feel to a space.
With its full range, Maha living collection brings multi functionality and delight to a living space.

"MAHA collection introduces a new elegance in which comfort is the main element." - Yuni Jie

MAHA dinign collection engages people, food and space in a perfect conversation. With function as priority, MAHA dining collection serves practicality with ease and grace. Clean line of furniture combined with understated color scheme gives MAHA dining collection an elegant and sophisticated look.

MAHA bedroom collection embraces you with an inspirational sense of relaxation. With the use of warm materials, MAHA bedroom collection brings the irresistible luxury of utter simplicity.

"MAHA collection expresses the enjoyment of a life well lived." - Yuni Jie

'MAHA collection reveals the softer side of modern living.' - Yuni Jie

MAHA is a luxurious range of exclusive dining room, bedroom and living room sets. The collection is a fresh approach for urban contemporary design. The look is very much international without forgetting organic design line adapted from local culture. Manufactured with imported white ash combined with top quality antique brass, MAHA collection is thus strong in its details. From richly textured furniture to beautifully made accent pieces, this assortment transforms your living space into a comfortable and elegant home. With its modern inspiration, MAHA Collection gives a whole new meaning to the word elegance.

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