Friday, January 7, 2011


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I personally love their new logo design. It is more simple. And it's embracing the language of semiotics, signs is the trend. Look at Apple and Nike. There is no need using typography. Customers tends to be conservative because they feel comfy with the old, stabile situation aka logo. It takes courage in redefining, rebranding, to refresh the company spirit and last the customers. If the customers really are die hard fans, which I think they are, they will accept it.

Prior versions of the logo helped build Starbucks into one of the world's best recognized brands, and the company felt it no longer needed to reinforce its name at every turn. The new wordless logo also is better suited to the company's expansion beyond coffee into a wider array of business lines and into more international markets.

"What is really important here is an evolutionary refinement of the logo, which is a mirror image of the strategy," said Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks. "This is not just, let's wake up one day and change our logo." - courtesy of yahoo finance

Pssst I guess it's time to buy their old logo merchandise like tumbler and mug collection before they all gone... ;-)

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