Monday, May 30, 2011


See how Hamy turns the classic Indonesian woven fabrics, like Nusa Tenggara Timur woven, into a wearable collection that is sleek, young and hype. That is why I fall in love with his works. You can check it out his previous collection in Jakarta Fashion Week here

Hamy appear in two shows in one night. First, Hamy display a collection of his second line, "Earthnic". One stage with Barli, Hamy started a fashion show by releasing a collection of jacket made of Nusa Tenggara Timur woven. Sumba weaving motif that is identical with pictures of animals, looking chic on Hamy's jacket . Variety NTT woven motifs present in different designs with a touch by this alumni of Femina Fashion Designers Contest in 1983. The impression a modern, feminine, viscous feel in the collection "Earthnic".

"Each area has a it's own loom, weaving style and the market for traditional woven is growing better. Demand of woven is also high, in the last two years it's booming. However, the ability of resources is still limited. Therefore, I use ATBM woven, not Gedog, but also evade applying machine made woven. Machines eliminate the value of the tradition of weaving itself. Every craftsman weaving have different results despite similar motives. Craftsmen weaving with feeling so that woven has a life, "said Hamy. 

Woven now a prima donna, adored by people and loved by designer who interprete diverse collection of archipelago woven into wearable clothing. According to Hamy, woven enthusiasts continue to grow along with many events that mention woven as a dress code. Woven fabric no longer only used as a shawl. Now, more elegant woven fabric attached to the body as a skirt, jacket, or blouse women..

"Years ago selling clothes made of woven fabric is hard. I had eight years of using Nusa Tenggara Timur woven. But now demand increasing, it is even hard to fulfil the demands for Gedog woven," said Hamy, who also held a single show "Jambi to Bali" after the show collection "Earthnic".

In addition to woven, Hamy also captures the beauty of traditional fabrics and songket of Bali and Jambi. His designs for Hamy Culture are solid-match jackets, trousers, skirts combination of songket of Jambi and Bali.

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