Sunday, March 15, 2015


March seems like so not marvelous for me personally. It's kinda sad, heart breaking I guess. This earlier March I remember I received notifications on Facebook of two friends birthdays that had passed away couple years ago. That brought back a memory that it's not two of my friends that had gone. In fact there are three of them.

Tough one of them doesnt have birthday on March. But I always remember that March is the month that I found him commited suicide on detikcom. Kinda a sad, that he always talk about it since the last December before he commited suicide in early February. He sent me sms, saying good bye and sorry, I never tought he was serious about commited suicide. Altough I was kinda worried that time since that I couldnt send him a reply. A month later, on March, I saw a post on his friend's blog, and it was like a slap on my face. I wish I could something to prevent him doing it. The thing that made me felt so sorry was he hung himself in his bedroom and no one of his next door knew what had happened until couple days after.

And the other one found dead in his bedroom too. We never know what really had happened to him. I guess DBD had killed him.

Another friend died because his family didnt know what his desease really was. He suffered because of HIV+. During that time there were no BPJS. Altough after he died I found out that our goverment had medication program for those poor people who got infected of HIV+, long before BPJS exist. But we are not well informed about it. Since HIV and AIDS are considered as something worse than cancer, we have to keep ODHA, people with HIV+, as top secret. When we, his friends, found out what his disease was, it was already too late. His condition decreasing immediately, he got into comma, and died. It was kinda sad and heart breaking burial. We, his friends, should have helped him more but we couldnt.

And the list is increasing this March.

I lost a good friend, a chef of Mandarin Oriental, mas Ahmad Fajar, that I could share about baking during my early time in starting this business. He never told me that he was a chef on that five star hotel. That's proving that he was very humble. You can check it out on his facebook wall. How many people, friends, that he only knew online from twitter etc was mourning for his dead. Tough we never met up, he really left a good impression in my mind. Rest in peace, mas Fajar. You'll be in our hearts.

Lastly, my lovely beloved dog, Kezon, passed away on Friday morning. He left me speechless. My heart is trully breaking. Kezon, you are irreplaceable. I heart you.

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