Wednesday, January 20, 2010


A collective exhibition of designs from the contestants of Dewi Award for Modern Design competition. The exhibition was held from January 15, 2010 to January 24, 2010.
Location: Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, East Mall Lv.
Upper Ground (in front of The Upper East boutique).

'Splash' by Yolanda Kosim. This design has been nominated as top furniture design in Victoria, Australia and was exclusively exhibited by Craft Victoria. Splash has also been exhibited at Milan Salone Satelite, Italy.

Dadaplite' by Vivi Yip. Though the design might look alien and futuristic for most of us, Yip was actually inspired by a local plant in Indonesia. Dadap tree, to be exact, a tree that is most beneficial to insects and birds. Yip's message is clear: modern people need to adopt this sense of independence while still caring for others. Yip's thoughtful insight into nature got her Third place at the Award.

'Mingle Bench' from Alvin Tjitrowirjo who participated as guest exhibitor. For Mingle Bench, Tjitrowirjo went with a contemporary/modern concept, giving both iconicity to the creation and an expression of identity and culture. Mingle Bench was designed for "traditional space" or "semi-private public space" with the intention to inspire interactions among people who sit on it.


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