Wednesday, January 6, 2010

TREND 2010

Return to Glam
"I predict a revival of sensuous, velvety 1930s-style glam. Upholstered furnishings will have curvy shapes because severe, supermodern minimalism is tired. People want to feel cozy and sexy." -

Baroque Minimalism
"Good-bye, layered exuberance. I think we're headed toward a certain Baroque minimalism. Rooms will be sparser, with maybe four really amazing objects in them. For myself, I could see a simple room with white walls, black floors, an 18th-century William Kent console, a Coromandel screen, and a few chairs scattered around. Scale will play a huge part — there will always be something unexpectedly large and something unexpectedly delicate." -

Floral Chintz
"I foresee a return to floral chintzes, but not shiny like they were in the 1980s. The shine won't be gone entirely — that glazing will be used to dress up super-crisp, solid-colored Belgian linens. And I believe technology will finally erase itself. Rooms will be less and less cluttered as we better learn to hide cables and shrink stereos, computers, light switches, and TVs." -

A Traditional Look
"There will be a huge resurgence of traditional interiors — but this time it will be accompanied by a no-holds-barred approach to color, and a lot more individuality. There won't be one fashion color. If you like yellow, by God, you'll have yellow." -

Classic American Design

"People who used to want the blue shutters or the wine cellar because they just got back from France will focus on cleaner lines, less clutter, and a more lasting style. No more country French, no more trendy Moroccan rooms, no more chintz rooms with 50 pictures of bulldogs on the wall. And no more mid-century! Decorators will veer to a disciplined American classicism, looking to Albert Hadley's rooms from 20 years ago, which you could slip into today with ease. They'll be inspired by Billy Baldwin and Bill Blass, who painstakingly chose every piece in a house so that there was no waste." -

Gray and Yellow
"Gray will be the new chocolate brown. It could be a reflection of our economic mood, but I don't care. I think it looks fantastic — especially as a foil for a bold color like orange. And don't even get me started about gray and yellow!" -


Soft Neutrals
"I see dreamlike, very sensual, noncluttered rooms: layers and layers of ivories and grays. Organic shapes. Lots of one color. Solid silk pillows in bold sizes. A sense of rawness with elegance." -


Fabric Valances
"Naked metal curtain poles have been de rigueur for the past 10 years, but I'm betting on a return of the fabric valance. For the tailored sensibility, there will be simple ones with inverted box pleats. For the funky set, shaped valances à la David Hicks, with inset tape trim. And for our traditional friends, romantic festoons and swags in colorful solids or prints." -


Return to Nature
"People will turn more and more to natural materials: Real wood. Real plaster." -


courtesy of: MSN Lifestyle

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