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“I want my work to be statement pieces in a house. All my products have a bit of me in them. To put that personal stamp on a product, it must have strong character.That strong personal stamp is something that gives a work the power to outlive a designer.”
Alvin Tjitrowirjo - the Jakarta Globe

Kawoong, a coffee table and modular shelf unit that laser cut with batik pattern made from laser cut mild steel with automotive high gloss paint.
courtesy of alvin-t

Round table bench, a coffee table that also acts as a bench, round spacious, a combination of modern design with synthetic rattan weaving, suitable for both indoor and outdoor.
courtesy of alvin-t

With the weekend just around the corner, we’re certainly looking forward to two days of relaxation after a stressful week at the office. But since the style-conscious wouldn’t do with just any relaxation pod, check out the new Snug Lounger by the up and coming Australian designer, Alvin Tjitrowirjo. Designed as the ultimate lounge chair, Snug offers the full range of comfort by allowing the freedom to position the entire body in any way you see fit. Made from molded fiberglass with aniline leather upholstery, there’s also an aluminum polished stopper that turns this chair into a rocker.
Snug Lounge Chair courtesy of

This natural furniture ideas is called Linger Bench. Designed by indonesian designer Alvin Tjitrowirjo, this rattan furniture-based material ideas is designed to bring people together; it’s nature is to attract and to be experienced. Its a media for people to gather and socialize, Linger is made only by human hands as opposed to machines. Using material that comes from nature instead of a man-made. An escapade of nature’s beauty harnessed by modernity.“I choose the rattan look also to show the Indonesian touch,” says Alvin
courtesy of Decodir

Perched on a three-seater white synthetic rattan bench, a young man waits for people to drop by his corner in a creative industries exhibition. When someone approaches, he invites the newcomer to share the bench with him and starts explaining what that bench is all about: “If you sit here and someone else takes another spot, you’ll immediately notice each other. Even if you’re looking in another direction.”Mingle, the bench he was sitting on for the exhibition, is a featured work, his brainchild and his proof that a young man can successfully be idealistic even in the increasingly commercial furniture design business. “Mingle is based on the idea that a piece of furniture can set off a social interaction,” says the 26-year old Jakarta-based designer. “By distorting the balance of the bench, making it rock slightly as a person sits down, it generates the probability that people will start a conversation as they notice one another, be it about the bench, or about most anything.”

courtesy of The Jakarta Post and Grand Indonesia

Satool, an organic shaped stool that uses traditional weaving combined with strong synthetic rattan peel that is available for both outdoor as well as for indoors. The form expresses fluidity will break the hard edges of traditional rattan furniture.
courtesy of alvin-t

The “Snug Chair” is another good example of Alvin’s ability to blend design and function. This egg-shaped, molded fiberglass recliner is upholstered with rich padded leather, creating the perfect nest to cozy up in. The seat also rests on a polished aluminum stopper that, when removed, turns the padded lounger into an ultra-slick rocking chair.
Snug Chair courtesy of kangguru and the Jakarta Globe

Alvin Tjitrowirjo has been known for his originality, modern, sophisticated and stylish lifestyle products which has been the talk of the town due to is unsual dynamic designs.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Industrial Design from RMIT Universit, he joined Melbourne Movement, an organization which promotes young designers. Through this organization, the Bell Chair was selected to be exhibited in the world's leading furniture fair Salone Satellite in Milan 2005, and following the success, Snug was exhibited in Melbourne Design EX. In 2006, Snug was selected to be exhibited during design week (saturday in Design) in which it was awarded as one of the top 5 favorite designs choosen bye an international jury panel at the Melbourne Museum.

Upon returning to Indonesia, Alvin has joined Dform, an association to promote young Indonesian designers. In 2006, he held his first solo exhibition entitled Alvin+Volvo. The exhibition displayed a bold statement of his commitment and passion for design as it has indispuably earned him respect from other fellow designers, the media and the public itself.

In 2007, Alvin held his second solo exhibition entitled Mi Casa Su Casa.

In 2008, Snug and Satool were both selected to exhibit at Ambiente's Talents in Franfurt. alvin's unique and minimalistic style did not go unnoticed, where his succes was published in the local Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper expressing their interest towards 'Made in Indonesia, designed by an Indonesian for the rest of the world.'

The alvinT brand is dedicated to reviving the Indonesian design industry and communicate Indonesia’s distinctive design character and high quality materials and craftsmanship to both locally the rest of the world. With Indonesia enriched with a unique culture in history and art, alvinT is inspired by the traditional techniques and how inimitable innovation can be formed in the modern approach.

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