Thursday, August 26, 2010


From the moment I saw this reality show series on Asian Food Channel, back in 2007, I was instantly fell in love. The show is about challenging a pair of designer and chef, to overhaul a struggling restaurant with a very limited budget and time. Originally the show would match funds provided by the restaurant owners up to $15,000.

Although the show's premise is to help struggling restaurants, a number of establishments have failed shortly after their makeover -- sometimes before the associated TV show has even aired, thus not allowing them to reap the benefits of added exposure. This has become so common that participating in Restaurant Makeover is increasingly seen as a "kiss of death" for failing restaurants. Unfortunately when working with restaurants that are in such dire straits that they are about to close their doors if something doesn't happen to drastically increase business, sometimes even a $40,000.00 , or later, $30,000.00 facelift can't help a business with one foot already in the grave.

Despite of all the drama and criticism, what I love most is the designs that done by Cherie Nicole Stinson and Meredith Heron especially when they been paired to Lynn Crawford. I think what they need to succeed the failing restaurant is adding one more person, a marketer.

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