Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Due to my internal problems, I couldn't go online in my own home. Going to the warung internet is not an option any longer, since opening my email could take more than half hour. That really made me nuts.

So I tried to explore free *well actually it's not really free consider that I have to buy their beverages* hotspot. I must find the truth hotspot that is really fit to my budget. :)

So after spending trial and error, I must tell that this two are the best free hotspot to my opinion. Actually there is four, but I think the scene, the landscape, the price is not fitted to my standards. \(^_^)/....

Well the runner up is Dunkin Donuts in Senen Raya. Located right beside Senen highway. The place is not too crowded of people. So it's great. The view is great. The front window face the Senen Raya street, but I cant hear the noisy vehicles on the street. It's quiet enough for you to concentrate. But there is one problem. They don't have a single electric outlet for you charging your laptop battery. But still they win my heart. Cause you dont have to spend a lot of money for their beverages to get online.

The Winner is McDonald's @ Alam Sutra. The view is great. Located on Alam Sutera crossroad, in front of Omni Hospital. The green landscape and numbers of well known restaurants chain as neighbours make this McDonald's is a perfect place to visit. Spacious parking area. Numbers of electric outlet for charging your laptop. Affordable price of beverages. This place really capture the first place in my heart.

Actually there is good spot for you to get great view, good enough wi-fi connection, numbers electric outlets, and get more privacy.... but the beverages is quiet expensive... like Ohlala @ Bintaro 9 or Delifrance .... Ohlala have minimum payment 50K.... Meanwhile Delifrance don't have that policy, but their excellent food is quite expensive tough it's worthed...
But most of all, Dunkin Donuts win the best location with great city streets view...


  1. hahahahaha
    Ohlala gk termasuk ternyata

  2. yah malas aja bu kan minimal belanja 50rb buat bisa online sementara di dua tempat ini cukup 17500 dari pagi sampe sore kalo gak malu sih gak masalah hahahahahhahahhha

    yang di senen itu baru tahu pas pulang dari gems centre

    trus yang di alam sutra itu pasti ngelewatin kalo ke bengkel mebel jadi emang sudah jodoh kali ya