Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Finally one of my short stories will be published in anthology #Writers4Indonesia series, the 8th edition titled 'Be Strong Indonesia'. The #Writers4Indonesia has 19 series. Not only in the series, my writing is listed on no. 8 in the book too. According to chinese philosophy 8 is lucky number, it means continuity, longetivity, no beginning and no end. Hopefully it will be true as I really expect it becomes a bestseller book.
All series in Bahasa Indonesia.
  1. 'The Boy In My Dream’, by Budiharja Kusuma
  2. ‘Dari Awal’, by Galuh Tunggadewi
  3. 'Empat Anak Perempuan’, by Nunik Utami
  4. ‘Menjemput Pelangi’, by Ollie
  5. ‘Terima Kasih’, by prito windiarto
  6. ‘Langit Membara’, by Aca Taswari
  7. ‘Versus Bah’, by Thiea Arantxa
  8. Mencari Vicky’, by T. Malachi
  9. ‘Tentang Yang Tiga’, by Krismila M
  10. ‘Dia dan Dia’, by Annisa F. Viramisyah
  11. ‘Pulang’, by Victor Hasiholan
  12. ‘Topeng Malaikat’, by Fauzi Atma
  13. ‘Keluarga untuk Lina’, by Priscilla Aisha
  14. ‘Tiga Puluh Menit’, by Dewi Nurhasanah
  15. ‘Kehidupan Kedua’, by Andy Saputra
  16. ‘Akhir Pelarian, by Hanny Herman
  17. ‘Biar Menjadi Kenangan’, by Ideani (Indri iIdriani)
  18. ‘Under The Bayan Tree’, by: Alexander Bonaparte Cruz
#Writers4Indonesia is a fund charity event held by, the first print-on-demand publisher in Indonesia or according to them the first online self-publishing in Indonesia, in helping the victims of natural disasters exp in Merapi, Wasior and Mentawai. All the writer's royalty go to this charity. The more series you buy, the more funds to help all the victims.

Don't hesitate to send email to to order this #writers4indonesia series. And fill this list

Subject: ‘Order Buku’,
Phone no.:
Title #seriesnumber (book #xx):
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The #writers4indonesia will reply your emails immediately and inform hot to pay your order.

Consideration is greatly appreciated.

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