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Back in 2008 I was interviewed by one of leading newspaper in Indonesia, Koran Seputar Indonesia aka Koran Sindo. Accidentally I find my name in an article on java bali info that based on the article in Koran Sindo.

China CULTURE inherited the wealth that overflowed as far as all the worlds. Architecture and the design of his interior then joined in secular. The style of this design could be then adopted into the dwelling in Indonesia.

Culture from the China plain left the tracks that up to now still could be encountered in any part of the world.The tradition that was held strong by the china nation put forward something that was typical and unique.The ancestors’s culture that always was awakened could be seen with still the number of typical buildings Oriental in China.

Typical architecture Oriental, that came from the China plain, basically was traditional architecture ornament or got dressed up. For example like the decoration to the wall, the door, and the window that were based on the myth and the china nation belief.

The available ornament was varied, from the geometric ornament, the motive of the crop, to the animal. If from the aspect of the design” of the interior design , the Oriental style was marked by the material use” of “wood, paper and the dominant color of the wall layer red, old chocolate or gold,” obviously the designer of the interior of Timothy Iddo Malachi that was close was greeted by Timmy.

The style in the typical interior Oriental usually have the shape of motif like the dragon and the lion.The lotus flower then often was used as the motive motif or the painting.

Then, remembered the China nation conserved his culture strongly anywhere they were, typical architecture Oriental also apparently in Indonesia from certain elements.
For example, the typical China roof, striking colors like red, blue, and yellow, or the use of the dragon statue as the shape of the belief still was emerging in the community’s Indonesian house the descendants.

“Despite in the merging of two different architectures (the Indonesian blend and China), usually the character china architecture that was full of the color and the decoration to decreased, in fact most or the whole were lost. The similar opinion came from Timmy.
“His processing in the design” of the “interior, for example only in the application” of the “use” of the “color, interior accessories, furniture, and the panel divider.”
For example, neutral colors mixed with the color- red was to one area of the wall as the accent.Or the red color to the sarong

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