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I think this is the genious idea of applying big screen movie to your home decoration. Check this out how Steve Kuhl taking pirates theme to the next level of decoration. 

courtesy of  Keira Knightley

Steve Kuhl has created a unique floating pirate ship inside the bedroom of his client’s six year-old-son in Minnesota, according to reports by several news sites. It features an incredible floating ship, rope bridge, and secret 55 foot slide.

The rope bridge is connected to the top of the jail cell, built to accommodate evil doers, thieves and little sisters.

Kuhl is the CEO, Creative Director, Business Development and Micro-manager of Kuhl Design Build.

The bedroom design was chosen by the boy among several options that includes a space ship, race car, castle and the pirate ship.

The floating pirate ship features an old ship’s hull made from 2×12 ribs, covered with  layers of 1/2 inch plywood to serve as the planking.

Steve Kuhl 
The helm of the ship.
The rope descends into the closet below
for quick wardrobe changes

A unique rope bridge stretches
across the top of the bedroom.
The side of the ship's hull is peppered with
cannon ports. They also serve as peep holes
watching the uncool masses below. 

The base of the rope bridge is anchored on top of the jail cell.
The designers welded a custom steel door for that real jail feeling.
Looking down the rope into the closet below. For upper body workouts climb up the rope a few times
each morning as your are getting dressed. You will be
 inspired by the echoes of you six grade gym coach in your brain.
View from closet up through the hull of the ship. 
The bedroom has a connecting rope bridge leading to the top of a jail cell. There is a rope, suspended from the ship’s hull, that provides drop-in access to the closet.

One of the attraction of the bedroom is a hidden spiral slide that serves as an alternative way to go downstairs.

A diagram of how the slide is built. It is housed in such a way that it is completely hidden with the exception of the entrance and exit. The adjacent staircase allows the less adventurous to go the old fashioned way if they prefer.
Tell your pal to put her coat in the last locker and watch her reaction as she discovers the hidden room within. A motion sensitive switch triggers the light to turn on, revealing an odd yet intriguing orange hole in the wall at waist height.
Here, designer Steve Kuhl tests the slide for accuracy. Also, he is carefully calibrating important features along the way. This procedure needed to berepeated for the better part of a day to insure proper slide operation.

courtesy of newsyahoo, batangastoday

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