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It is all related from the fact that Indonesia is an archipelago country which has a plurality and a cultural diversity with various handicraft products, whereas the products it selves are needed to be conserved and also developed with the implementation of advance technology and the increase of market demand in every year. With proper and direct assistance and guidance, it is not impossible that handicraft industry will emerge as a form of job opportunities for every region in Indonesia that have potential to grow and provide foreign exchanges for our country.
Unawares, INACRAFT to be held on April 20 - 24, 2011, attain the age of ten years. In spite of annual event, it has many expriences and improvement for the the future to be full of challenges.
From the first INACRAFT in April 1999 through the twelve, INACRAFT has indicated its own characteristics a right showcase for promoting handicraft products for entrepreneur/ exporter/ craftmen from Indonesia and handicraft producing countries within Asia. Moreover, INACRAFT has been weel known by domestic and overseas buyers as an exhibition to be necessarily visited to find high quality and favorite handicraft product.
By reaching appropriate and statisfying sale transaction for five day exhibition as well as considering positive interest of entrepreneurs/ craftsmen in participating therein and annual increase, it makes the organizer service, and improving cooperation with the government agencies, related private sectors, domestic and international foreign trade institutions as well as entrepreneurs and exected to create fraternity, unity and peace among the ethnics in Indonesia/ the nations over the world.
This is the main objective of INACRAFT, in accordance with the theme From Smart Village to Global Market, as for protecting and facilitating handicraft products to be elevated to the higher level and be able to compete with similar products from other countries. Gratified as one of the Asia’s Largest Handicrafts Exhibitions and an event for promoting Indonesian handicrafts to broaden the domestic and overseas market through high quality products, INACRAFT 2011, which endorses the Wealth of Lampung Cultural Heritage as its main icon, also aims to develop creative economy product in order to improve the export quality of Indonesian handicrafts that can be one of the alternative supporting factors of national economy issues on the Free Trade era nowadays.

Event's Name / Date / Time
Opening Ceremony 20 April 2011 10.00 am - 12.00  am
Seminar  21 April 2011* 10.00 am - 05.00 pm
Business Consulting 20 - 24 April 2011* 10.00 am - 05.00 pm
Product Presentation 20 - 24 April 2011* 10.00 am - 08.00 pm
INACRAFT Award 22 April 2011* 05.00 pm - 08.00 pm
* tentative

Gift Item 
Ballpoint & Wooden box, Candy jar, Woven blanket throw, Key accessories, Lighter box, Jewelry box, Small photo frame, Cigarette box, Aromatherapy, Stationery item, etc.
Housewares, Home & Garden Decorative
Artificial flower, dried flowers, ceramic flowers vase, candle holder, lighting lamp, wood carving, ornament, craft silver, table cover embroidery, cushion cover, place mate, embroidery bed cover, Wooden furniture, rattan furniture, fiber furniture, coconut furniture, bamboo furniture, garden furniture,A kitchen wares, basket wares, table wares, bathroom wares, carpet, painting, candle, glass item, natural stone, pottery, bird house & accessories, umbrella, wind chime, doormat, garden ornament, plan terrace set, self watering hanging planter, garden bridge, garden statue, etc
Toys & Game
Wooden toys, soft toys, game board, inflatable toys, toys box, footballs, jigsaw puzzles, education games, etc
Gold jewelry, silver jewelry, pearl jewelry, shell jewelry, precious stones, etc
Painting batik, Printing batik, Stamped batik, Silk, etc
Fashion Garment & Embroidery
Fashion embroidery garment, Moslem dress, Indonesian ikats, Indonesian songket, Indonesian ulos, Handwoven fabric, etc

Product Zoning
Main Lobby : Gifts & Housewares, Toys & Games,  Miscellaneous Crafts
Plenary Hall : Gifts & housewares
Assembly Hall 3 : International Hall/ Export Hall
Cendrawasih Hall : BUMN/BUMD (State Owned Enterprises)
Hall A : Fashion, Embroidery, Batik, Jewelry, & Accessories
Lobby  Hall A : Sponsorship
Hall B & Lobby B : BUMN, BUMD, Dinas, Pemprov, Pemda, Pemkot, Pemkab, Dekranas, Dekranasda, Fashion & accessories, and other supporting product
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courtesy of INACRAFT 

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