Thursday, April 14, 2011


Tex Saverio's design from Dewi Fashion Knights at Jakarta Fashion Week 2010 was featured in, the fashion blog of celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. Referring to a statuesque gown of silver flames and feathers shown during the Jakarta Fashion Week show, Hilton wrote: “We can’t help but think of [Alexander] McQueen when looking at this dress.”

At the prestigious 2005 Fashion Designers Contest (LPM) held on Sept. 15, he was one of the ten finalists. Just a week later, he won the national award in the Mercedes-Benz Asia Fashion Award, an achievement that will enable him to compete against designers from other countries of the region in Singapore next year.

His creation for the Mercedes-Benz Asia Fashion Award was titled "Dualism". The ten cross-gender fashion designs were presented as the climax of the show on the last evening of the festival, which was held from Sept. 17 through Sept. 24 in 2005. "In fashion, the dualism concept means man and woman. I want to create ready-to-wear pieces that can be applied to men and women," he explained. That evening, the runway was crowded with ten male and ten female models. The topless males posed while the females walked past them. One by one, the females took off a piece of their outfits, and transformed it into something to be worn by the male models -- jackets, robes, shirts and so on. The complicated designs give the models extra work while posing and walking on the runway. It was not the smoothest presentation, yet the applause seemed to go on forever.

Rio first burst onto the scene at a joint fashion show called Rejuvenate in July 2010, sending shock waves through the Jakarta fashion world and the international fashion blogging community. Although he had already worked as a costumier for four years, Rio hadn’t felt ready to show his designs to the public until Rejuvenate.

Tex Saverio is certainly someone to look out for because he’s going to become huge. He stood out amongst the rest of the designers at Jakarta’s fashion week a few weeks ago – particularly for his craft, imagination and for his more couture take on fashion. A scintillating collection of sparkling silvers, frosty eyelids and bedazzling headpieces, the Tex Saverio ‘La Glacon’ collection bears the mark of raw, natural talent.

Rio’s clothes are born of his fantasies. He said that, when he designs, he always pictures the woman who will end up wearing the dress. For the Rejuvenate fashion show, he imagined a sensual and sultry woman. 

For the Dewi Fashion Knights show, Rio went the complete opposite with his pale Ice Queen-themed collection. “I wanted to see if I could do something different and still keep my unique character,” Rio said. 

The singularity of a Tex Saverio gown comes from its design and the materials used in its creation. Rio likes to experiment. So far, he has adorned his gowns with feathers and faux leather with ornate details crafted by graphic designers. His style embraces a melange of technological and theatrical techniques. 

Rio now describes his style as “more dramatic,” and he intends to stay true to it. 


  1. saya kaget ternyata perancangnya adalah cowo dan masih muda. saya salut dan kagum akan design yang kreatif spt ini. kuharap masih bisa melihat lebih banyak lagi karyamu Tex.

  2. salut Tex!! smakin lama smakin "matang" rancangannya. dilihat dari sosoknya mungkin aq bilang "Prabal Gurung-nya Indonesia"...

  3. saya suka karya yg kamu cipta unik dan tidak pasaran.

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