Saturday, July 24, 2010


This Saturday morning I visited the premium living exhibition, CASA by BRAVACASA.
Surprisingly I met an old friend from high school.
After indulging experience in front area, window shopping some well known local furniture brands, I was shocked knowing that there were only several participants in tent area. Guess I didn't read the invitation carefully, -shame on you, tim-. I had assumed that there would be more high end brands gathering together in this event.
I realize that maybe this event supposingly to highlight some local brands and talented young designers. Hopefully next time there will be more local high end brands like Vinotti, Vivere, Joop Fine, Bika, or Saniharto would contribute to this event. Those local furniture lines really make me proud.
Maybe next year Bravacasa needs to consider holding a chair design competition for product or interior design students. So that there will be equal opportunity for students of all local design universities, not just from ITB. There are lots of talents out there that need exposure.
Too bad I can't take picture during the visit. So I grabbed the brochures or CD promo also name cards.
Tough there are no brand new designs appears except ones that presented by industrial design student society ITB, it was really entertaining for eyes to see beautiful table seting by Deya -I think this furniture line was under OBIN, fabric designer-, the design award winner, accupuncto, or other chairs designed by Leonard Theosabrata or Alvin Tjitrowirjo.
Yamakawa rattan really captivated my heart with their classic egg chair design. It's just a mixture of melamic finished natural rattan and chromed iron is just perfect. It combines modern and traditional feel at the same time. I adore their products. No wonder their products become bestseller in Japan.
And the great news is after dozens years selling their product only for exporting to other country like Japan, this year, after Idul Fitri, Yamakawa plans to open their first store in Jakarta. Halleluya.
I found interesting name cards of young designers of ITB. Creativily they made their name cards with cotton fabric ex flour bag, thin plywood and velvet.

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