Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Well maybe for those who live in north America are familiar to HGTV. But so far that I know here in south east Asia there are only Style Network and Life Inspired (LI). HGTV has specialized in home decor. LI has concern in such as food, home, wellness, travel, and style. Meanwhile Style has the same things with more fashion concern and celebrity spice added.
So proud to announce that Life Inspired is the first life style tv cable on Asia. Tough personally I find that I'm still not satisfied. I feel that it's still lack of variety and numerous TV programs compared to Style or HGTV. Maybe it's better if LI were able to get other TV programs from Europe or Britain. It's not just north America you can refer as trendy design and decor centre.
Anyway for those who live in Indonesia like me, thank God for these tvs. You can get new ideas for design, decoration or latest home appliances and material etc for better lifestyle or indulge yourself.

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